Cape Prince of Wales

hunting spear

The Wales mission house overlooking the two villages at Kingegan, 1895
(Photo by John M. Justice)

The village of Wales, Alaska, 2000
East Cape, Siberia, on left horizon

Wales, Alaska, September 2000
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Diomede Islands

Little Diomede Island stands out in sunlight 25 miles away, with Big Diomede under clouds two miles beyond. Russia's Siberia is 55 miles from Wales.

Playground by the Sea

The playground in front of the school has an enclosure for the youngest students. Fairway Rock, a source of eggs since early times, rises 534 feet 17 miles due west.

Wales School

Kingikmuit School serves pre-school through grade 12 students. Before the mid-1980s, students went to Nome, Sitka, and other areas for upper grades.

Parsonage and Church

Thornton Chapel, with the parsonage on the left, was first Congregational, then Presbyterian, and now Lutheran.

"The Dome"

Ootenna Community Center (1985) was named for George Ootenna, a herder, artist, and respected village leader, who worked with Tom Lopp.

Town Street

Main Street, the only road through town, passes most homes, the school, and community buildings. There are few vehicles larger than ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).

The Razorback

"Razorback" is a hill on the northern side of Cape Mountain.

Tundra Color 1

Low plants show fall colors on the side of Cape Mountain.

Tundra Color 2

Cape Mountain to the south drops off into Bering Strait.

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